What is Check-Hers Elite?
Check-Hers Elite is a non-profit lacrosse club based in Carroll County which began in 2004. The mission of the Club is to develop lacrosse players from Carroll County and surrounding areas who have a passion for the sport. Check-Hers has become one of the premier club lacrosse organizations in Maryland, and is committed to helping every player realize her potential and maximize her lacrosse experience and exposure.

What is the Club’s philosophy?
Check-Hers Elite requires a commitment to lacrosse. However, the club strongly encourages participation in other sports and family activities as well. Check-Hers Elite expects players to attend all practices to improve the individual skills and team tactics necessary to play on a competitive club level. Planning family vacations and commitments around the season will prove beneficial for the athlete’s growth and participation. Check-Hers is committed to providing opportunities for the girls to pursue a college level of play, but realize that the recruiting process is ever-changing and requires a great deal of off-the-field personal participation from the athlete. We are here to help navigate this process as well as provide the visibility to showcase the athlete’s skills at high-profile recruiting tournaments.

How are teams formed?
Check-Hers Elite teams are based on the player’s high school graduation year. All players must try out and play for their graduation team. Players are required to try out each year. Tryouts are held in the late summer. Teams usually carry around 20 players.

When is the season?
The Check-Hers Elite Club season is Fall through Summer the following year. Fall season is September through November, Spring season runs from mid-February to the beginning of May and Summer season runs from May through July.  We also participate in fall tournaments, which are crucial to the college recruiting timeline at the high school level. The high school aged teams do not play during the high school lacrosse season.

Why play in Tournaments?
Tournaments allow players to gain valuable game experience and skills by playing against top competition in national-level lacrosse tournaments. These tournaments are designed to provide opportunities for our players to be seen by, and gain exposure to, college coaches. All athletes will receive fair opportunity to compete, which may not guarantee equal playing time. The amount of playing time will be determined by the coach.

What are your thoughts about Middle School vs. High School?
The recruiting timeline is changing rapidly. We are dedicated to staying abreast of these changes and guiding the girls accordingly. To that end, our high school level teams provide a very different Check-Hers experience than our middle school level teams. At the middle school age, our focus is on building a team player, teaching individual skills, providing clinics and camps for player improvement and competitive tournaments for game situations. There is no emphasis on college expectations or goals at this level. We believe it is unrealistic and unhealthy to place these demands on athletes of this age.

As they grow in their passion for the game and continue into high school, we will begin to educate about the commitments and expectations at different levels of collegiate lacrosse and advance to focusing on the recruiting process along with the competitive play required to be seen by the college coaches.

Why do you have Two Teams per Graduation Year?
In an effort to provide the Check-Hers experience to both elite and developing players, the club has added a second team to most graduation years. This additional team enables developing players to work hard to meet their athletic goals. Selection to black (first team) or pink (second team) is based on the player’s ability and commitment to club lacrosse.

  • BLACK TEAM: Girls have speed to keep the ball moving at a maximum rate, have superb stick skills, great game sense, and are committed to attending all events and have decided to play lacrosse in college at the most competitive level
  • PINK TEAM: Girls have solid stick skills, good game sense, and are committed to attending all events, and have decided to play lacrosse in college

What are Check-Hers’ Thoughts about Conduct and Sportsmanship?
Check-Hers Elite is dedicated to excellence in conduct and sportsmanship. Players, coaches, parents and family members are expected to conduct themselves as examples to all. While modeling sportsmanship for our athletes, Check-Hers families are also aware that college coaches are recruiting the athlete as well as their supportive members on the sidelines.

Individual Athlete Behavior 
Player behavior may reflect positively or negatively on Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse Club.  Player behavior is also an important consideration in the college recruitment process.  During the Club season of September through August , athletes are expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary fashion and in accordance with the terms of this document. It is expected that each player plays by the rules of lacrosse, behaves with good sportsmanship on and off the field, and treats her coaches and Check-Hers staff with respect.  When traveling and staying in hotels players will represent the club in a positive manner and be courteous and considerate of property and other patrons and staff.  Inappropriate, abusive, profane, disrespectful or violent behavior or language, or unsportsmanlike conduct by a Club athlete in real time or on social media, may result in suspension or expulsion from the Club, regardless of whether the behavior, language or conduct occurred at a Club activity.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of any intoxicating or illegal substances by a Club athlete at any time during the season noted above is prohibited and may result in suspension or expulsion from the Club. Suspension or expulsion shall be decided by the Check-Hers Elite Board  after consultation with those involved .

Club Communication
Check-Hers Elite rosters players from at least 15 schools in several counties. All communication will be conducted via texts, website and email. It is the player’s responsibility to stay informed and up-to-date on all Club activities and remain engaged in the steps required to participate.

Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse holds open tryouts annually for the following Fall/Summer season. There are two tryouts for each age group.  All players are required to attend both tryouts.

What to Bring to Tryouts
Lacrosse stick, mouth guard, goggles, sneakers or cleats for the grass fields. Goalies must bring their own equipment.
*  Do NOT wear any high school, club gear, elite camp, or pinnies.

How to Register for Tryouts
All players are encouraged to PRE-REGISTER for tryouts.  (see Tryout tab for additional information including cost)

Deer Park Sports Complex, 637 Deer Park Rd, Westminster, MD 21157

Team Placement
Placement of players to the Black or the Pink teams will be based on player ability and commitment to club participation. We do not allow players to play up or down a grade level. Tryout results will be emailed to each family after the completion. We will create a wait list for each team.

Check-Hers tryouts are open for all players.  In past years we have had players move from Pink to Black and Black to Pink.  We do not base our evaluations on the prior year’s play and truly reward the players that have improved their play.  Overall talent and player commitment are the key factors team placements.  Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse reserves the right to add players based on individual evaluations completed by any Check-Hers Lacrosse Coach.

Team Policies

  • Practices are held at Deer Park Sports Complex in Westminster, MD.
  • Spring season runs March through May.
  • Summer season runs from May through July.
  • Fall season is September through November.
  • Tournament locations may include Bel Air, MD, Gaithersburg, MD, Rehoboth Beach, DE, Pennsylvania and Richmond, VA. Tournament destinations depend on graduation year.

Other Teams

  • We support a multiple sport athlete.

Coaching Staff

  • We offer coaching that is experienced, committed and fun.

Game Playing Time

  • The Check-Hers team policy is to play to win. We do not guarantee equal playing time, and we expect everyone to earn their playing time.
  • It is our expectation that every player will play in every tournament.  In addition to the tournaments, your commitment also extends to attending each practice.

Injury during try-outs:
If a player cannot participate in tryouts due to an injury/medical condition, a doctor’s note needs to be submitted to the Board and a waiver may be granted; the waiver is subject to Board approval and will be based on previous year’s tryout scores and past history.

Depending upon the age group: 2025 thru 2028 = $2,000-$2,500, 2029 thru 2032 = $1,800-$2,000, per year divided into several payments.  Uniform & spirit wear costs are in addition.

No refunds.  If you choose to leave or are dismissed from the Check-Hers Elite organization before the year (season) end, you are still responsible for all fees for current year (season).  In case of injury or a player abandons their position no refunds will be issued.