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Jess Onheiser – Recruiting Consultant

Coach Onheiser is the founder and owner of Recruit-Her LLC. Recruit-Her is a women’s lacrosse company that offers services for female athletes looking to play lacrosse at the collegiate level. Recruit-Her offers recruiting consulting tools in order to educate players and parents about the multifaceted recruiting process.

Coach Onheiser will be working with the Check-Hers Elite Lacrosse program serving as the recruiting coordinator for the club. She will provide recruiting seminars to equip the players and families with the most updated information regarding the collegiate recruiting process. She will also support the coaches of the teams during their recruiting seasons to provide guidance or insight on their player’s situations.

Coach Onheiser has experienced all aspects of the process first as a recruited athlete, going on to play at Vanderbilt University (2000-2004), competing at the highest level on the US National Team (2004-2008), and served as the recruiting coordinator as a collegiate coach at Ohio University and Loyola College (2004-2008). Coach Onheiser coached the Hero’s 2010 club team and successfully assisted all players in committing to play at the Division 1 and Division 3 levels. She was the assistant athletic directory and varsity lacrosse coach at Garrison Forest School (2008-2011) where she guided several high school athletes through the recruiting process as well.

My favorite memories of the years with our club team can’t be narrowed down to just one. I’ve gained 18 sisters and am confident that our bond won’t fade even as we go our separate ways. We’ve served our community together,traveled along the East Coast together and have supported each other in every stage of growing up.The most impactful memory that I have experienced as a team is a tradition that Coach Jess completes every practice with. In every huddle, she will give us a new “Life Lesson” to carry with us beyond the field.I cannot stress enough how she, Coach Kristen and Coach Amy have invested so much time into developing each and every one of us as a whole person.That is something so special about Check•Hers.Their lessons follow you beyond the X’s and O’s.

Anna Ruby

Check-Hers 2019 Black, Loyola